Friday, February 17, 2006


As you can see from this screen grab of our stats, we've had a rather dramatic increase in our traffic lately. The sky scraper on the right is the first half of February, which makes our "spike" in August look like a pimple. Until recently just a few comedy nerds were aware of Powerloafing, but in the last couple months we've reached tens of thousands of people. We're all tremendously excited, and we've rushed a super-gimmicky episode into production that will hopefully make this current spike look like a pimple, and allow us to sell out and cash in BIG time.


Anonymous Q-bert said...

I wasn't part of the August pimple, I arrived among the festering boil that was December of last year. I can't wait for you guys to sell out because I'll be buying! Where can I get a powerloafing mug? I'll buy one. Goodbye Dilbert mug, hello Powerloafing cuppa coffee.

11:55 PM  

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