Sunday, September 16, 2007

His slacker creation is keeping him busy

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'Powerloafing,' a Web sitcom, has given an Emmy-winning writer a chance to take his talent to another medium.
By Dawn C. Chmielewski, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 16, 2007
Mike Upchurch has elevated slacking to an art form.

The Emmy Award-winning writer is the creator of "Powerloafing," an online comedy about a world-class slacker, Cubicle Carl, whose adroit avoidance of work makes him a role model for aspiring office slugs.

"That's part of the definition of powerloafing," Upchurch said. "You're not just goofing off, you're getting away with it and you're convincing all the right people that you're a top worker."

Upchurch creates what he calls the world's smallest sitcom on what may be the world's smallest set -- his Los Feliz district apartment.

Everywhere are props for his comedic endeavor: Carl's cubicle, folded and stored on the porch; a singing fish modified to deliver dialogue via remote control; a mummified corpse in a shirt and tie. (more)


Anonymous Timesian said...

Looks like the guy who plays the character who works the hardest in the show is the guy who works the hardest behind the scenes too. Funny series! You guys are great, let's see you make it to 100 episodes.

2:36 PM  
Blogger chocoso said...

Great sketches. The 1984 episode is my favorite one so far. It brought back the memories of Max Headroom

10:51 AM  

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