Thursday, March 09, 2006

Powerloafing set also a kitchen

This is a view from behind the guest slot outside Carl's cubicle. You'll notice that behind the fourth wall is a kitchen, so saying we shoot in a livingroom is only partially right. A cupboard had to be ripped off the wall and moved to the balcony to make room for one of our cameras. The edge of the cubicle is secured to the kitchen counter, which has a light taped to it. Since we shoot both sides at once we have to get creative with light placement. This is, by the way, a behind-the-scenes shot from "the Insecurity Officer" an upcoming episode guest starring Tom Sharpe as a intense security guard, who's seen here getting ready to interrogate Carl for downloading music.


Anonymous RUfikinKidin? said...

Jeezuz, you gotta be frikin kiddin me again! Holy frikin cheezus! My mind is blowd!

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