Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Great Idea! Bad Execution...

According to KCCI in Des moines, a couple in Iowa managed to get out of work by orchestrating a really clever plan: pretending their son was on life support. When they asked for a leave of absence to deal with their son's death, their employer (Tyson Foods) asked for proof, so they posted a fake obituary in the local paper announcing the death. Unfortunatly, their son was spotted by family friends feeding his healthy and completely alive face at a local restaurant, and the cops were called. Now they face possible jail and fines, and it's really going to be hard for them to successfully lie their way out of work for quite some time.

We applaud such intricate, underhanded, and innovative ways to get out of work, but urge caution: this method should only be used in large cities.


Anonymous C. E. Stanton said...

Hey, that old lady is MY great grandmother. Without her women wouldn't be able to vote. What a coincidence!

1:24 AM  

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