Thursday, March 30, 2006

Loafing Cheat Sheet put together a nifty beginners cheat sheet on loafing. Although the fake screen saver made to look like a downloading icon is cutting edge, the rest will be familiar to any competent loafer. To make it easier for our user base, we've summarized the cheat sheet ourselves, making avoiding work even easier:

-Keep a messy desk, as though you've been working like a dog, and sigh a lot.
-Always have an important looking excel spreadsheet open on your desktop. Furrow brow, and stroke chin thoughtfully.
-Find a screen saver that looks like you're downloading. If anyone asks why you aren't doing anything just point to your screen and say "I'm waiting for such and such to download..."
-Have a jacket on the back of your chair at all times. That way if you're somewhere you shouldn't be it looks like you haven't left your desk for long.
-If you have to leave your desk to flirt with the secretary, carry a file. It makes you look like you're on your way to do something important.
-Stick a pencil behind your ear - always works for builders.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Inventor of the Cubicle has second thoughts

According to this Fortune article, the guy who invented the modern cubicle, Robert Probst, says he has regrets about it becoming such a prevalent workspace. We think he's being hard on himself. It's better than the walls of a coal mine, or someone else's hairy arms, as pictured above. Carl has put in a request for a window and a wet bar in his cubicle, though.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Powerloafing set also a kitchen

This is a view from behind the guest slot outside Carl's cubicle. You'll notice that behind the fourth wall is a kitchen, so saying we shoot in a livingroom is only partially right. A cupboard had to be ripped off the wall and moved to the balcony to make room for one of our cameras. The edge of the cubicle is secured to the kitchen counter, which has a light taped to it. Since we shoot both sides at once we have to get creative with light placement. This is, by the way, a behind-the-scenes shot from "the Insecurity Officer" an upcoming episode guest starring Tom Sharpe as a intense security guard, who's seen here getting ready to interrogate Carl for downloading music.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Episode

Mr. President Goes Powerloafing is up on the mainpage. You won't believe who shows up.

How 2 Make a Fake Flash Camera

This fake flash camera works for comedy sketches or video projects where a big important looking flashing camera is needed cheaply. It actually works, in that it flashes, however, it doesn't actually take photos.

It's about 25 bucks in materials if you make a few, but since it's made out of macaroni and tea boxes some of the cost was recovered in pasta and tea.

We constructed four fake cameras for the new Powerloafing episode entitled "Mr. President Goes Powerloafing." We'll have it up soon. Sorry so quiet lately, but we're pushing so hard on this episode there's no time for the blog. We hope you'll find it worth the wait, and can build these fake flash cameras in the meantime.