Friday, April 28, 2006


Leading business publication VARBusiness has lauded Powerloafing in a recent column by Editor Lawrence M. Walsh. We applaud Mr. Walsh for having the forsight to pick a future industry leader in loafing technology. And, if there are any venture capitalists out there putting smart money in web entertainment, we are available for meetings. Just take a look at the picture of Carl to see the kind of money that can be made. KA-Ching!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Great Idea! Bad Execution...

According to KCCI in Des moines, a couple in Iowa managed to get out of work by orchestrating a really clever plan: pretending their son was on life support. When they asked for a leave of absence to deal with their son's death, their employer (Tyson Foods) asked for proof, so they posted a fake obituary in the local paper announcing the death. Unfortunatly, their son was spotted by family friends feeding his healthy and completely alive face at a local restaurant, and the cops were called. Now they face possible jail and fines, and it's really going to be hard for them to successfully lie their way out of work for quite some time.

We applaud such intricate, underhanded, and innovative ways to get out of work, but urge caution: this method should only be used in large cities.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Featured Powerloafers - Part I

We begin our series featuring wonderful performers who donate their time to Powerloafing so you can effectively waste yours with the four regular cast members:
Paul Greenberg: Paul is a busy TV writer and performer when he's not playing the biggest loafer in the world. He wrote and produced the TV sketch comedy Vacant Lot, has voiced a million cartoon characters, inluding for the shows Jimmy Neurton and Invader ZIM. He's also been an actor in Reno 911, and Curb Your Enthusiasm and written for Jackass, The Jenny McCarthy Show, and the MTV Movie Awards. He's also acted in films like Tommy Boy, and he stole the movie As Good As it Gets from Jack Nicholson.

Ron Lynch: Ron, who plays Carl's boss, is a prolific actor, writer, and voice artist. He voiced the principal on Adult Swim's Home Movies, and is a city council member on Tom Goes to the Mayor. He's also a favorite live stage director and performer, with the popular Idiots, and Tomorrow Show both currently enjoying long runs on the LA stage.

Joe Myles: Joe, who plays the VP, is an accomplished actor and film producer. Look for him as a racist cop in the upcoming Wassup Rockers, by noted indie director Larry Clark, and as a DA in the new USA Network legal drama Guilty or Innocent. Before acting in respected film and television roles, Joe had a long career in low-budget horror films as the guy who got killed in the first reel by hot female vampires, and he also got his ass kicked as a coke dealer by Scott Baio in the movie Detonator, (an ass kicking he actually choreographed beforehand.)

Mike Upchurch: Mike, who plays the dumb guy in the cubicle next to Carl, is an Emmy award winning television writer. Mike has written for HBO's Mr. Show, and the Chris Rock Show, as well as Mad TV, and the George Lopez Show. Mike initially sold Powerloafing to, a high-profile failed attempt by Hollywood to take over new media. When Pop imploded, Mike maxed a credit card to buy the project back. Powerloafing now continues on from Mike's small apartment in North Hollywood, and is produced by the four valiant folks featured in this post.